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There is no experience one can compare to a tented safari in Botswana. To have experienced knowledgeable guides who can track animals, and know what is happening, not merely name the animal. One of the most memorable experiences was watching African wild dogs take an impala, which was an unbelievable treat. Our guide knew the hunting strategy of the dogs, which allowed us to follow and observe without being disrespectful or disruptive. Also, to watch hundreds of elephants crossing a stream and the interaction of the females and youngsters was very emotional. Night drives seeing hundreds of buffalo and the reflection of their eyes, which looked like one was looking down on a city of lights. To lie in your bed at night and listen to lions, zebras, hyenas, elephants living their lives so very close seemed like a dream. Nicole’s experience, connections, and understanding and love of Botswana’s people and wildlife made this possible. There are many safari companies, some have good naturalists, but to have someone who has lived and worked in the country is invaluable, thank you.
— Luanne Bye, Three-time returned EcoTours International Guest

Potential destinations

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  • Track wild tigers of India with local experts
  • Explore the Galapagos Islands with a balance of adventuring and learning
  • Experience true luxury in Tanzania - see wild lions while enjoying the comforts of home
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