Frequently Asked Questions

Where to visit?

We can help you find a destination to fit your needs and desires. Within Africa, Botswana is the top destination, followed by Tanzania. South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe also have great opportunities to view wildlife close up and in their natural habitat. We at Eco Tours International can help you decide when to go where, as seasonality is an important part of your choice.


Accommodations vary from luxury lodges deep in the bush to mobile camping safaris, where you move through the landscape changing location every few days. Both have their merits and we can assist in finding the best possible match for you...or something in between.

what should i bring on an african safari?

Please see our packing lists on our registration page for a comprehensive list. Many safaris offer laundry service and layers are usually recommended, as temperatures often fluctuate during the day. Packing lightly is always wise.

Passport and entry requirements

Please be sure that your passport is valid 6 months from date of entry and that you have 3-4 blank pages available. This is a requirement for some countries. Visas may be required. Visas are not required for Botswana or South Africa.

I have a special diet. can i be accommodated?

We take your diet into account. Most safaris offer excellent options for gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary needs. Food on safari is generally excellent in quality. Drinks are usually included unless otherwise specified.

health and safety

Our guides are well-trained and have safety as their top priority. Basic medical rescue insurance is required. For Southern Africa there are no required inoculations. Please see your doctor about anti-malaria pills if required. When at camp you will have a full safety briefing from your guides.


In Southern and East Africa electricity is 220/240 volts. Some lodges have solar generators so you can plug in batteries and such for recharging. On mobile safaris you can usually plug into an inverter in the vehicle. Always bring spare batteries. In town there is internet and cell phone service, but in the bush there is none. That is part of the joy of getting away from it all! Your guides will have radios and satellite phones in case of emergency.

how to book a custom safari?

We are here to help you. When you fill out the Contact Us form please let us know any initial ideas you have about your trip, including when and where, if known. Your group size, group ages (especially if there are children), comfort level, activity level, and approximate budget is also helpful. If you have any specific interests please let us know so we can design a journey that will be perfect for you.

how does your trip with the naro bushmen benefit them?

We have been working with this community of San Bushmen for many years and know them well. Our visits benefit them not only financially but also give them the opportunity to stay in the bush, which is what this community wants, and to raise their families living as close to their original lifestyle as possible. In this way their indigenous knowledge is passed intergenerationally instead of being lost at a rapid rate as is happening in many other San Bushmen (and other indigenous) communities. We know that not all indigenous-based travel in the same. Be assured that this expedition is authentic and restorative. This community wants to share their knowledge with us and are proud of their culture. For more information please see Dr. Apelian's dissertation on this subject: Restorative Ecotourism as a Solution to Intergenerational Knowledge Retention.