With the help of our dedicated volunteers and staff, who work tirelessly towards the preservation of Namibia’s ancient cultures, the enhancement and expansion of its exceedingly vast landscapes and the preservation of its incredible wildlife. This vision is realized through the implementation of various projects operating in five different sites around the country.

These projects include:

  • Rehabilitation and dedicated captive care, as well as crucial wildlife work at the Wildlife Sanctuary;

  • Carnivore conservation research at Neuras and Kanaan in the south west of Namibia;

  • Wild dog and elephant conservation research at Mangetti in Northen Namibia;

  • Aiding the San community, which includes providing vital healthcare at our Lifeline Medical Clinic in the east of Namibia; and,

  • Voluntary participation at our Clever Cubs School for San children at the Wildlife Sanctuary.

All funds from our volunteer programmes are ploughed back into our various projects, enabling the Foundation to grow and become even more successful in achieving its vision.

  • Wildlife Conservation Volunteering:

    • Near Namibia’s capital city of Windhoek, volunteers will focus on caring for animals in rehabilitation or permanent captivity. Our Clever Cubs School forms part of the dynamic projects based here, enabling volunteers to get actively involved in the education of San children.

    • At Kanaan Desert Retreat and Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate, volunteers will focus on researching free-roaming populations of carnivores in the frame of human-wildlife conflict mitigation.

    • At Mangetti Cattle Ranch, volunteers will assist in documenting the movements and activities of elephant and wild dog in an effort to understand better the levels and causes, of conflict between these two species and the local population.

  • Medical Volunteering: At the Lifeline Clinic in Epukiro volunteers will have the opportunity to assist in providing free healthcare and much-needed support to the local San population, both in the clinic and at nearby farms and villages.